• Skimmed

Miro Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts per every 100 g

Milk Fat Less than 1.5 g
protein More than 32 g
Lactose Less than 53 g
Minerals (ash) 7-9 g
Moisture 3-5 g

Benefits of Skimmed Miro Milk

Miro Skimmed milk powder is the best solution if you are going on diet to lose weight; it could be used to get full Food Supplements and nutritional benefits with a delicious taste without gaining weight.

Low Fat:
Miro Skimmed milk powder helps you saving health and body from fats and getting full benefits which are required for your bone health.

High Protein:
A healthy diet should include 3 cups of dairy products each day.
Skimmed milk is a smart dietary choice because it's low in fat.
Each 1-cup serving of the Miro skimmed milk contains less than 0.3 grams of fat.

Calcium and Bone Benefits:
Skimmed milk provides a source of calcium and protein.