Our History

1925 our company was founded in Suez city by Taha el Tanbouli as one of the greatest food stuff trading companies in the area of Suez Canal and red sea.
1946 The company started trading with all major cities in the red sea as Jeddah, port Sudan etc…

1952 We added the Cairo branch, as we started to import and export at that time.

1960 We started manufacturing and packing different range of food stuff (salted fish, starch, honey and pickles).

1965 We established a new factory for dairy products.

1975 We started exporting our dairy products to the Arab countries, in short period we became one of the leading companies in Egypt in exporting dairy products.

1986 We became the agent of DCL yeast.

1997 We started repacking instant full cream milk powder under the brand called MIRO.

1998 we launched a new brand name for milk powder called RANBOW.

2005 we launched another brand for milk powder called TAMBO.

2007 Our factory was awarded the haccp and iso 22000 certificate.

2012 We have begun working in our new facility in sadat factory.

2014 We launched our new range of instant flavored milk products (Miro mix) which is a mix of milk, sugar and flavor, and we started the project with three flavors which are strawberry, banana and chocolate, our factory was awarded the iso 22000 certificate.

What Makes Us Unique

. No precipitation after dissolution.
. Excellent solubility in both hot and cold water.
. No artificial additives.
. 100% natural milk.
. Best price with the highest quality.
. No irritating smell.

What we do?

We do have different products but all of them are allocated under the topic of " Milk Powder " .
As for our main brand "MIRO" , you can find it instant full cream milk powder , instant skimmed milk powder or flavored milk powder with different packages and sizes.

Miro Digital Brochure

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